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 Free Crochet Patterns

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Christmas Tree
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If you make this, I would love to see a photo.    

Christmas Tree free crochet pattern

The small one is made with Dmc Petra and a 2.00mm hook.  The decorations are brads which are added after.  My tree measures 10cm standing.  Hanging it will make it drop a little and be taller.
The large one is made with Acrylic DK yarn and a 4.00mm hook.  The beads (75) were threaded on before and added to the 2nd tr (US-dc) on the pattern rows.  My tree measures 16cm standing.
If you would like your tree to be bigger you can add more rows byrepeating rows 44 to 49 and increasing accordingly.

Front Loops:
  these are the loops closest to you when working into a st, whether the front or the back of the stitch is facing you.

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