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Rainbow Valley Shop

DMC Coloris

Coloris is a gorgeous 6 stranded cotton embroidery thread featuring four distinct DMC colours in a single skein.  The contrasting colours in each skein are carefully selected to create a sophisticated palette and an intricate design when stitched - with no need to switch threads.

4500 4501 4502 4503 4504 4505 4506 4507 4508 4509 4510 4511 4512 4513 4514 4515 4516 4517 4518 4519 4520 4521 4522 4523

DMC Satin Floss

Satin Embroidery Thread is the glossiest DMC embroidery thread.  Crafted from 100% rayon fibres this intensely coloured shiny thread really glides through fabric.  With six easily separated size 25 strands, DMC Satin is perfect for surface embroidery and adding depth to your project.

S310 S321 S415 S471 S601 S602 S741 S820 S959 S995 S3820 S5200

DMC Light Effects

DMC Light Effects embroidery thread adds a glamorous metallic glimmer to your embroidery project.  Formed of six easily divisible strands you can use alone or combine with stranded cotton for just a hint of shimmer.  For the best stitching experience, work with a shorter length of Light Effects (no more than 30cm) to prevent fraying.  If Light Effects becomes twisted while stitching, drop your needle and let it unwind itself.

E130 E135 E168 E301 E310 E316 E317 E321 E334 E415 E436 E677 E699 E815 E825 E940 E980 E990 E3821 E3837 E3843 E3849 E3852 E5200

Mouliné Étoile

Stitch with the stars with this premium embroidery thread.  Featuring a brilliant twinkle effect, this cotton floss will add a delicate shimmer and elegant sparkle to your next handmade project.  The new 6-strand divisible thread is available in 35 amazing shades, and will add an irresistible effect to your next work of art.  Each skein measures 8 meters in length.

This exclusive tin includes 35 colours of Mouliné Étoile.  The ultimate gift for any crafter, the beautiful tin contains the entire range of our sparkly stranded cotton thread.  Stamped with the DMC logo, this special tin also comes with two cross stitch and embroidery patterns.
Dimensions: 35 x 20 x 1.3 cm.
When you purchase this beautiful Collector's Tin, you receive 35 skeins but only pay for 30. Take advantage of this special offer today.