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Robin Mardi Gras Chunky

Robin Mardi Gras

Lively, bold, and full of spirit - Mardi Gras Chunky is the sassy new yarn from Robin.  The carnival of playful, bright shades come in a chunky weight that's super quick to knit or crochet with, making it just the thing for those last minute, artistic gifts.  Perfect for modern crafters who like to create statement pieces, why not see where Mardi Gras takes you?

Chunky : 100g : 115 metres : 6.5mm : 37% Nylon/63% Acrylic

Robin Mardi Gras Black Robin Mardi Gras White Robin Mardi Gras Cream Robin Mardi Gras Blue Robin Mardi Gras Red Robin Mardi Gras Jade Robin Mardi Gras Pink Robin Mardi Gras Purple Robin Mardi Gras Gold Robin Mardi Gras Silver
Robin Sparkle DK

Robin Sparkle DK


DK : 100g : 300m/328 yds : 4mm : 93.2% Acrylic/6.8% Polyester

Robin Sparkle DK Gold Robin Sparkle DK Silver Robin Sparkle DK Ruby Robin Sparkle DK Emerald Robin Sparkle DK Sapphire Robin Sparkle DK Jet
Robin Bonny Babe Sparkle DK

Bonny Babe Sparkle DK

A super soft, 100% acrylic yarn for your bonny one, Robin's Bonny Babe is perfect for all sorts of projects, be it garments, blankets, or even toys.  Safe to put in the washing machine and tumble dryer, Bonny Babe comes in three different weights so you can find just the right thing for your next tiny project.  Bonny Babe now comes in a range of beautifully sparkling pastel shades, to add a special shimmer to your creations.

DK : 100g : 300 metres : 4mm : 7% Polyester/93% Acrylic

Robin Bonny Babe Sparkle DK White Robin Bonny Babe Sparkle DK Cream Robin Bonny Babe Sparkle DK Blue Robin Bonny Babe Sparkle DK Pink Robin Bonny Babe Sparkle DK Lemon Robin Bonny Babe Sparkle DK Grey